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Creamy Chicken Jalapeno Soup

Chilly day in Northern WI today. Woke up to 10 below with a windchill of 15 mph. Brrrr.

Felt like it was good excuse to make a tasty soup for dinner. This is where my Instant Pot (IP) comes in handy. This gadget can make a soup in typically a half an hour. Of course, that depends on how much liquid is in the pot, that usually makes it take longer to get to pressure. Which adds more time to your cooking process, but the best part is you can walk away and let it fo the work for you. Luckily most recipes will tell you that, so you know what you are looking at for cooking time.

Its pretty rare that I make the same soup twice, but not unlikely. I really do just love trying new things and seeing what different ingredients we like and plus it helps grow my pantry! It honestly amazes me the different things we have tried, that we never really thought we would like and we loved them. The one soup we didn’t like though, was Butternut Squash. It remined us both of baby food and just didn’t have enough “girth” to it for us. BUT had we not tried it, we would have never known if we liked it.

Anyways, todays dinner was a new one. It was simple to throw together and took about 30-40 minutes total to put together, cook and come to pressure. This soup was so JAM packed with flavors and spice, the perfect amount honestly.

Mmmm this was really great. This is a good comfort soup, warms you up right to the bone!! I did use medium spice salsa and I didn’t seed my jalapenos completely, hard to tell how spicy they are until you eat them. This was SPICY, but you can easily make it more mild by seeding your peppers all the way and using a mild salsa. Once I added some sour cream and crackers, it toned down some of that heat, but still kept the flavor.

Find the recipe below by clicking on the button. This also comes with a stove top recipe as well!!

Give it a try, tell me what you think!! Have a good rest of your day! Much Love!! <3


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