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Friday Fish

If you’re from WI you understand, Friday Fish Fry. Its not unlike people to go out every Friday to their favorite restaurant to order the fish special. We never went every Friday, as much as we would have liked to, but sometimes it just wasn’t affordable. But we did like to go as often as we could afford. Once the pandemic hit, that put Fish Fries on the back burner for a bit for us, we preferred to stay home for dinners. Which wasn’t a huge deal for me, as I do enjoy to cook.

So I came up with this idea after a couple months into this pandemic, why not have our own fish fries at home? Gives us the opportunity to try news things and not have to wait a half hour to even order our food. Some places on Fridays are extremely packed, especially pre-pandemic.

So far we have tried cooking salmon a couple of different ways, crab legs, scallops, breaded tilapia and cod. I’m always trying new things and finding new ways to cook our favorites. I think so far though, we really like the parmesan crusted tilapia. This last Friday we tried Scallops for the first time. I was told the ones from Aldi were really good, and I do all of my grocery shopping there so I picked some up.

They weren’t bad, but a little more “fishy” for our liking. I sautéed them in my cast iron pan with butter, garlic, pepper and Himalayan sea salt. We aren’t huge on that fishy flavor. Actually, when we went to Jamaica we tried some of their fish, but boy was that fishy compared to what we get in Northern WI. Obviously theres was fresh salt water fish vs the fresh water fish we typically eat, but we did try it. So the scallops reminded me a lot of some of the fish we tried there. I don’t know if we will eat them again, maybe try cooking them a different way, can’t knock it til you try it though.

I also tried Instant Pot Mac n Cheese. This was the second time I tried this recipe and I think they have their cheese ratio a little off for the amount of cream and noodles. If you like CHEESY noodles, this recipe is great. It makes a ton and it is THICK. The second time was better than the first time I tried but I think if I try this a third time, I will only do maybe half of the cheese. You can find the recipe below to this CHEESY and THICK Mac n Cheese.

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