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Mark, Dyna and Myself – Family

My Story

Hi, my name is Megan. I am in my mid 20’s and live in Northern WI. I own my first home with my boyfriend, our dog and our Honey Bees. I learned that I love to cook and we took on beekeeping as a fun summer hobby a couple summers ago, now. We tend to keep ourselves fairly busy. I love the outdoors, such as camping, fishing (Both summer and winter), hiking, being on the water, cars and enjoy a cold beverage with friends and family. 

I had found my love for cooking when my boyfriend of a year (at the time) had gotten into a bad car accident and he needed some help, with just about everything. When we first met, he did all the cooking and I loved everything he threw together. But life happened and I needed to step up to plate and learn to cook and take care of someone who needed me the most. 

Its been about 6 years now since his accident and when I started to learn how to cook. I wouldn’t say I’m a professional, but I do enjoy trying new things. As a kid growing up, I HATED vegetables, unless it was corn, cucumbers and green beans. My parents even had a garden and I didn’t really like anything that they grew. Once I started doing the cooking, I realized that NOT all veggies have to be bad, it just takes some seasonings and A TON of butter and just about anything can taste good. I enjoy cooking most days, it’s something I like to do to relax. Though, sometimes it gets me more fired up, especially since my kitchen has limited counter space (Working on that). 

We are also beekeepers (hence the name). We have been doing it ourselves I believe for 3 years now. We haven’t been successful at getting them to survive the winters as of yet. However, currently (Jan. 2021) the bees seems to still be alive and doing well, which is huge. My boyfriends family has been doing it for generations, so he knows a lot about them already, so we weren’t TOTALLY new going into this. However, I was.. I knew nothing about Honey Bees until I met him. They are amazing little creatures and I wish more schools taught about them more. I will be sure to touch more on our bees in my blog posts, especially come spring (if they survive). 

I also have a few siblings. My parents split when I was young and have now remarried so my family is now huge and I love every single one of them. I have 2 half siblings and 2 step siblings all though those labels don’t matter to me, we are all family and I love them all! They all hold a special place in my heart and I would do anything for them. I was 10 when my youngest brother was born and I was such a great little helper (or so I was told). Also the same year, I had gained 2 of my other siblings, what a year that was. Went from being an only child to having 3 siblings, sharing was hard for me. My youngest sibling is my sister, who just turned 6 this year. I help my parents out and take her from time to time, so I am sure I will be writing about her some.

I currently work full time at a local salvage yard, in parts. I’ve been there almost 5 years and they really treat me good. I love that every day is different and I’m always learning. 7 years ago when I started in parts, I knew hardly anything. My job got me interested in rebuilding a motor for my 1986 Camaro. That has been a long project that really should be done by now, but hopefully soon.

So, that’s a little bit about me and my life. I plan to write some about what I try for recipes, my life, the honey bees and whatever else I feel like people would like to know about. Maybe just some rambling about things going on in my head, you just never know. I do hope that you stick around and that you enjoy what you read. Thanks for making it this far and have yourself a good day! 

“Ohana means family ; Family means nobody is left behind or fogotten”

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