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“How Are The Honey Bees?”

“How are the honey bees?” Is a common question I get asked almost every day. It’s so cool having people so interested in our bees and caring to check in on them. I thought I would put together this small post about what they have been up too.

To be honest, we haven’t done much with them lately. We chose at the beginning of the year to let them do their work all summer and we wouldn’t harvest until next year when they are established better.

From what we can see, they have been doing really well. They have been coming back to the hive with a lot of pollen in their pollen sacks and they have been in and out busy as much as they can.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a hatch of new bees. The best way to tell this without digging through their hive, is you can tell by how they fly around the door. When new bees hatch, they have to learn their way around, so they fly around the door and go further and further each day until their internal GPS is fully established and than they venture out to get their goodies to bring back to the hive. So a couple weeks ago, you could see all the little bees flying around the door, learning their area.

This time of year (August /September) is Golden Rod blooms. This is their last pollen to harvest before everything starts to die off and they hunker down for the winter. This year the golden rod is doing very well, as most flowers have been, thanks to the rain and humidity we have had.

Once it starts getting cooler out, we will have to prep them up for winter. I will make a post about that when we get them ready. I am hoping we have a couple more weeks before we have to worry too much about that, but you really never know.

Be sure to keep checking back, to see how our bees are doing. Please continue to ask how they are doing, it makes us feel good knowing people actually care about them and makes me feel good knowing that people actually read my blog and enjoy reading it, where they keep coming back.
So, THANK YOU! We will stay in touch.

Much Love & Honey,

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