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How I find a Positive Mindset

There’s a lot of negativity going on in the world, right now especially. Its easy to get all wrapped up in it and not realize how much its affecting you and the ones around you. You wont realize until you are too deep into it. But its never too late to turn your self back around. It can be as simple as changing your mindset.

I’ve spent too much of my time being negative. I have had people not want to hang out, because all I have to say is negative things. LIFE SUCKS. But not everyone needs to hear about it. I never realized how much my negativity was affecting those around me until they stopped coming around. Coming home from work every day and talking about such negative things, just isn’t the way to keep friends around, so I found out.

Once I realized it was me and my negativity I found a way to change that. I started thinking about the good things that happened during my day. I started leaving my work stress, at the door of work. I would wake up and start my days with a fresh cup of coffee and think about what I could look forward to.

When you live in COLD WI, you struggle throughout the winter. Its easy to be negative in such a cold dreary place. But its not all bad and sad. I tend to look forward to the days when I see the sunshine. It can be below zero, but if there’s a peak of sun, its going to be a good day. If its over 30 degrees, its also going to be a great day. Its hard to live in a place this cold, 6 months out of the year. But if you look at the good things, it helps you get through the long days. This is also a technique I use all year, but its harder come winter time. In the summer there is plenty to find that’s good, and its easier.

This isn’t something that works over night, it took me some time to get into my groove. I could also sit here and act like I’m always hunky dory, but I have my days. I have low days and high days, typical winter blues. But I will say, my high days over take the low ones. It takes some efforts in the mornings, but I do look forward to most days.

I’ve found that when I try and find a positive mindset, I feel better about myself. I don’t feel so tired and angry at everything. Once I started realizing this, finding the good things started to come more naturally. It wasn’t so much as me telling myself to be happy anymore, it’s more me counting my blessings every moment that I can. Life is too dang short to be negative all the time!

Start your day today with a BIG cup of hot coffee. Get outside, smell the fresh air, take a walk, listen to the birds and take it all in. Be thankful that you woke up this morning and are here to experience a day like today! I promise, you wont regret it !!

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