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Let’s Talk Seasonings

Lets talk seasonings. I find that it seems a lot of people are skeptical to season their food. What for? I love my parents, but I did not grow up with a ton of seasonings on things, except for burgers. As I have moved out and started cooking, I have realized how important seasonings really are, to your food. Even just salt and pepper, but let me explain some.

My boyfriend Mark was always so adamant on making sure I added enough seasonings to the food I was making. I don’t want to make it sound like he was watching my every move when I cooked, he was just making sure the food tasted good. At first I never thought I needed seasonings, NOW I understand, I like good tasting food.

Obviously if you have high blood pressure, you would need to watch your salt intake. Take this with a grain of salt (see what I did there) and use your best judgement on seasoning your food. But if you don’t have to watch your salt intake, seriously add some salt and pepper to your food. If you think its a enough, shake a little more on their.

What Is My Favorite Type Of Seasonings?

I cook a ton of vegetables and I use 3 seasonings on almost all vegetables. Is there more kinds out there I could use, yes. Do I switch it up sometimes? Also yes. But the 3 main seasonings I use is Salt, Pepper and Garlic. That’s it.

Depending on the vegetable, I sometimes add more things to them. But like my Brussel sprouts, I season them with Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder. I sprinkle some on, toss it around a bit, sprinkle some more and toss around again. I want to make sure all layers of the vegetable has some seasonings. Honestly, you’ll thank me later.

Right now, my all time favorite seasoning that I have been using on just about anything I make, is Greek Seasoning. I can’t even explain the flavor, but it is salty and different but SO good. I love it on Pizza, Noodles, Feta Pasta, Vegetables, etc., literally anything.

Do You Season Your Meat?

YES! I season my meat just as much as I do my vegetables. Chicken is probably the one meat I add a ton of different seasonings to. I want to make sure we LOVE the chicken when its done. It doesn’t have to be plain and boring, you can make chicken taste different no matter what kind of dish you are preparing.

Red meats are one that you don’t need to season, if you don’t wish. But I do recommend a little something on the meat, depending on the type of meat. We don’t cook steaks much at our house, so I can’t give a good steak seasoning. But burgers we do cook and I like a little of the basics (Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder) and some Lawry’s Season Salt and maybe some grilling seasoning. If I add Lawry’s I would skip the salt on the burger, but you get the jest.

Do People Like Your Food?

You’re probably wondering at this point into this if people actually enjoy my food? The answer would be yes. I will make something that most people make and add my fair amount of seasonings and after they eat my meal, they RAVE about how delicious it is. My favorite thing is when someone says they don’t like something, like garlic for instance. I than make my food just how I normally would and than the person who said they didn’t like garlic, talks about how good my food was. I than get to tell them how I added garlic powder to their burger and they look at me like I am crazy. It makes me chuckle.

Why Are You Mentioning This?

You may think “wow she’s rude for even mentioning any of this”. As you are welcome to feel that way. I just wanted to mention it to maybe help some people out. When I was growing up, I HATED vegetables. Besides corn and canned green beans, I liked those with a lot of butter. But as I have started cooking my own foods, I have learned that if I season my meat and vegetables how I like, I actually like them. I never would’ve thought that I would be making vegetables with just about EVERY meal that I cook. I am not talking canned either, I make fresh Aldi vegetables as often as I can and I actually enjoy them. My boyfriend Mark too. His family is surprised how often he eats vegetables with me.
So I guess the reason I am mentioning this is because you might actually like some things if you find a seasoning that works for you. Don’t knock something because of how someone else made it, take the risk and try making it your own way.
Not sure where to start, check out some of my posted recipes and try them. Adjust things as you may need to, add things or leave somethings out. But I promise if you just tried some seasonings, you will be shocked at how much more flavor will come out of your food.

I will end on this note. Give it a try though, seriously!!

Much Love & Honey,

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  1. Love this… I always used to use different seasoning for different foods , but hubby cooks great food but bland. Tried everything but no use. Will keep trying.

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