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Putting him to the test

I typically do all the cooking in the house. If you read my “about” section, you would have noticed that the rolls were once reversed in this relationship. I didn’t know much about cooking when I met Mark. I could make Bacon and Eggs (Thanks to Dad) and BARELY mac n cheese. I didn’t care for cooking, as much as I do now. Mark just cooked his famous Hamburger Helper and I was very happy with that.

Long story short, Mark got into an accident and needed knee surgery so that meant I had to step up and I did. I started hitting up pinterest and finding things to make. My mom was a big cook growing up, but I lived with my dad and stepmoms for the most part so I wasn’t around her much to learn to cook.

So when I had to step up my game, that really meant I needed to learn to cook, and GOOD. So I did just that. I remember it started out with Chicken Parmesan. First time I ever made it, was nothing fancy, but it was edible and it got us to where we are now.

Fast forward ALMOST 7 years together, I do all of the cooking now. I have a few cooking gadgets that I honestly stress if Mark even touches them. Like my grill especially. It stresses me out if he touches the Blackstone without me around. Thats just the type of person I am (stressed).

But as you would suspect, some days a lady just doesn’t want to do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry as well as live a life outside of that. I usually don’t even tell Mark what we are having for dinner, I just have it all planned in my head and recipes picked out on my phone and just come home and get right to it.

UNTIL, one day I had too much going on, errands to run and food in the fridge that needed to be cooked. I dislike wasting food, and dislike it even more when I run out of time to cook everything I want too. So I put Mark to the test. Its his turn to read a SIMPLE recipe (or so I thought) and make me dinner again for when I get home.

I sent him the recipe and some simple directions about where the food was and left it up to him. He’s never really had to read a recipe, besides on the back of a box of hamburger helper. So this was all really knew to him, so I knew it was going to be challenging for him.

I kept asking him how it was going and he said it was going good, but to me it seemed like it was taking longer than it should have. The recipe was really simple, just needed to be throw into a pan an baked for 20 minutes. Almost 2 hours in and he still wasn’t done. As I’m running my errands, I’m really trying to figure out what could be taking him so long.

I come home and ask him how dinner is and he just said it was “good”. So I grabbed it out of the oven and made myself a plate and sat down by him to eat my dinner.

He than starts going on about how this recipe was so hard to follow and there were no measurements. I am sure I was looking at him perplexed, because I know I read the recipe before I sent it to him and thought it was a fairly easy one to follow and couldn’t figure out what he was struggling with.

After some more talking, I realized he read the BLOG part of the recipe, he never scrolled down to the actual recipe with the measurements and directions. After he made a huge stink to his friends about how dumb this recipe was and come to find out, he never actually read the recipe.

So moral of the story, he only partially passed my test. He did make me dinner and it was good. But next time, we will make sure he actually reads the recipe, so he knows how to make dinner without all the confusion. Maybe not everyone is cracked out to follow a recipe, but sure gave me a giggle and a full stomach, so I truly can’t complain!!

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