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Where It All Started

2015; My boyfriend and I had been together just over a year, when he had gotten into a bad car accident. We still didn’t really know each other, as we were obviously still learning about ourselves and each other. 

I remember when he was recovering from his crash he had mentioned that he was surprised I had stuck around. He thought for sure I was going to leave him high and dry. It made me sad to think that, but like I had mentioned, we were still getting to know each other. I was most definitely raised differently (Go mom and Dad!) and I would never leave some who was/is in need. So I stepped up! I did what any good person would do, took the bull by the horns and figure it out! 

I was currently only working 20 hours a week as a Bank Teller at a local bank in town. At the time, when living at home still it was plenty enough to get by. But once I had to step up, pay rent, buy food and take care of someone who could barely walk, 20 hours wasn’t cutting it anymore. Luckily an opportunity arose at my job, where I could work full time. This was important as he was already renting from some friends when he needed my help, so I had to be able to afford mine and his bills, rent and food. We made it work.

A little flash back to before the accident, my boyfriend did all the cooking, I really didn’t know much about it. Boy, can that man throw together a mean Hamburger Helper though. But when he was laid up for a few months, it was my time to shine (scary, I know). I was currently only 20 years old and really didn’t know how to cook anything besides macaroni and cheese from the box and some MEAN bacon and eggs (thanks Dad), which I still make from time to time. I remember the first big meal I made him, Chicken Parmesan. Now, it was nothing fancy as I knew nothing about what I was doing.. but it was edible by all means. I used jar spaghetti sauce, chicken patties, noodles and some cheese. It was great, but it was no fancy dinner. 

From there on, I had to continue to cook AND grocery shop. I also knew nothing about that. Thankfully my mom loves to grocery shop (how many people can say that) and she helped me out. She still does to this day, if I can’t find something while in the store, I call her and I swear 9/10 times, she knows the AISLE NUMBER. You would think she worked there. 

Life went on from there, we rented our first actual apartment together, a small one bedroom place in the woods. We than got our pup Dyna, Mark actually came home and surprised me with her, best $100 he’s ever spent to this day. We lived in this small apartment for I think about a year, maybe a little longer and than decided we were outgrowing the space and needed something bigger. 

Where we live, its cheaper to own a home than it is to rent an apartment, maybe it’s like that everywhere.. but it wasn’t convenient anymore for us. So I started talking to banks and figuring out what I needed to do to own a home. I was preapproved right away for a decent amount, with no money down. So the process had gone quick and smooth and a house in the city had come up at a decent price, so we made the big purchase. Big steps for a 21 year old, and I am sure glad I did it.  Ever since we purchased our home, we have been busy remodeling and making it our own. It’s out of date and needs some work, but for the price we really couldn’t beat it. 

Which pretty much brings us to where we are today. Living in the city, beekeeping, blogging and cooking just about anything I think looks good and always trying new things. I will be sure to share more on all of that from here on out, just wanted to share how I got where I am today. 

7 thoughts on “Where It All Started”

  1. Wow Megan I didn’t know any of this
    You sure have grown
    I know what you mean with the cooking it’s scary but geez you’re a trooper I’ve seen the recipes you’ve shared and you’re way beyond most
    You are sincere and loyal
    What more could anyone ask for in a friend

  2. Hello Megan. I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job!! I find it to be very interesting. Thank you so much!!

  3. What a lovely beginning to a relationship!!
    Learning the hard way and your own way is life’s greatest rewards…I do believe!
    Don’t expect that to stop anytime soon. It seems to happen periodically throughout your entire life!!
    You and Mark are in a great chapter of that life now!
    Keep that going as I know you will!!
    Honesty & Loyalty are 2 wonderful traits to have Megan and you certainly do! 💕

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