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Smash Burgers

Smash Burgers are a staple if you own a Blackstone Flat Top. If you’re on the fence about owning a Blackstone, I hope these smash burgers will change your mind. Whenever I make them, I always get such great compliments on how tasty they are.

Smash Burgers are so simple and they cook QUICK. You have to have these all prepped and ready before you fire up the grill because they need to cook at a hot heat. Its funny how often Mark thinks I have my grill on too hot because I’m rushing around all frantic trying to get my stuff cooked, because it cooks fast. Burgers are one of those things that cook FAST.

How to Prep?

You want to start with tossing all your burger you want to cook into a bowl and seasonings and mix together. Form your burger into a ball, between a baseball and golf ball size. I prefer to leave mine out on the counter for a little bit to get to about room temperature, helps them cook nice. When you cook food on the flat top, it really cooks best when its at room temperature to start with.

How do we cook a Smash Burger?

Get your burger press heated up, on the grill. Get a coat of olive oil on the grill and put your burger balls down. You will want to leave them to cook in a ball for just a couple of minutes, while the press heats up. The press being hot, helps the burger from sticking to it.

Once the bottom of the ball has a good crisp to it, SMASH the burger ball. Push hard so the burger is nice and thin. Give this about a minute and flip it over to cook the second side. Add some cheese to the burger and serve it up on a plate.

Its really a quick and simple way to make a juicy burger. When I say quick, I mean they cook quick. There isn’t much really to it. Most people are surprised how juicy this burger is, without being thick and pink in the middle. There is an art to the way these burgers cooked.

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