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Turkey Burgers

I remember the first time I tried a Turkey Burger and I had fallen in love. My favorite part about camping was that we were going to grill some turkey burgers. I’m not sure why I have always loved these more, maybe because they’re a little lighter than your basic burger? In this blog I will share some tricks I had learned from some good family friends (Thanks Harmons) and pictures on how I put everything together.

How to make Turkey Burgers

You want to start with forming your ground turkey into balls. Just a little smaller than a baseball, but really up to you. Make them more baseball size if you prefer a larger burger.

Once you get them all balled up, now you want to make holes in the balls to add in your butter and seasonings. Adding 1/2 tablespoon of butter is really helpful if you’re using a gas or charcoal grill. The butter helps keep them juicy and not dry out too much.

At the same time you add in your butter, you can add some of you’re favorite burgers seasonings. This ensures your seasonings is all throughout the burger, Turkey can be very boring so it needs seasoning.

Now that you have your butter and seasonings in your burger, you want to patty them up. You kind of want to form the burger right around that butter so its right in the middle.

I personally like all of my food to have a good flavor. Which a lot of times entails adding seasonings to my food. It may look or seem like a lot but once it cooks, its not nearly as much as it seems.

Once the burgers are pattied, you can add some more seasonings to the outside. Today, I used garlic powder, pepper, season salt and onion powder. You can use whatever your favorite burger seasonings are.

Now its time to grill the burgers. I have a Blackstone Griddle, but these are just as tasty on a regular gas grill or charcoal.

Today was Marks first time ever trying a Turkey Burger and surprisingly he really liked them. I was a little nervous he wasn’t going to be a fan, but it was awesome to see him actually enjoying it. Definitely something I will cook some more this summer on the grill.

Thanks for checking out this out and reading this far. I hope you give these a try and share with me what you think about them.

Much Love,


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